My testimonial probably does not perfectly fit the requirements for having been ‘ADHD coached,’ because Cory is Mom to me. I am, however, perfectly qualified to tell you my mother is the perfect listener—a characteristic I understand to be required in her role as an ADHD coach. She knows of my inability to focus when I am anxious, so she simply listens. She doesn’t craft her next response, rather, she waits patiently while I unload the thoughts racing in my mind. This quality will serve her well as a coach.

My own struggles with ADHD continue, but I’ve learned there are strengths that accompany my disorder. While I’ve never been able to quietly sit and listen to something I find uninteresting, "I’ve learned if I channel my tendency to hyperfocuson on topics I find compelling—I can accomplish amazing things.

My current employment provides one example, I can crunch meaningful numbers no else thinks to consider; this ability is key to my on-going success in business. I also used this trait in teaching myself to be a web developer without going to college or taking a course to learn CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc. My creative abilities are on full display at and I’m happy to feature what an ADHD mind can accomplish. I’m even more exited to recommend a kind, caring, loving listener to be your ADHD coach. You won’t regret your decision.

I love you Mom!

Scott Henderson

Coaching has validated me in a way that has helped me to recognize that it’s not bad or something of which I should be ashamed.  I’ve learned that I’m just wired differently. Cory has helped me recognize my strengths and unique gifts that come with ADHD. I have learned I work really well under pressure, I can manage—even organize the chaos of others, hyper-focus on projects that are interesting to me, and determine an efficient system of production. I have empathy for others because I feel deeply. I am inspired for creativity, passionate and am driven to complete a continuous list of ideas and goals.

Coaching has helped me to become aware of my unique needs and struggles. It has helped me develop patience for myself while finding more productive ways of meeting my needs. My body is very sensitive and to improve my ability to function I need more sleep, regular exercise and less processed foods.

Coaching has helped me to develop patience with myself as I work on ADHD behaviors like inattentiveness, losing things, intense emotions, communication, impulsivity, constantly adjusting, boredom, lack of motivation, lateness and time management.  For example, I have always struggled with loosing things--specifically my keys, and I consciously had to find a practical place for my keys to go so I can keep track of them.

At work I have struggled to really understand how others would like me to help, so I developed a list of follow up questions to better understand. To help me be on time I have found it’s helpful to set a series of alarms to help me gage an efficient pace to get out the door.

Autumn Baldwin

Cory is like a bright light shining through my foggy brain. She is incredibly knowledgeable about ADHD , highly intuitive, and always empathetic. Those traits, combined with her calm and patient listening skills, make her a very effective coach.

Cory is able to see through clutter and get to underlying issues quickly. She inspires me to act upon the strategies we've created in our sessions and, from her, I've learned that a small change can have a tremendous impact on my life.

I'm lucky to have found Cory, and I'm smart to have engaged her as my coach.

Lisa Alecci
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