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I am thrilled you are taking the time to take a look at my website. I’ve tried to make certain it provides needed information about ADHD, but I’m also hopeful the website’s appearance is warm and friendly because that best represents me as a person and the kind of ADHD Life coach I strive to be.

Growing up I always saw myself as a failure and I lived in fear of letting others down. Whether it had to do with school or family, I hid frequent feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful. I wondered why things seemed so easy to others, yet were so difficult for me. I didn’t realize at the time, but perfectionism began to be my disguise. If I could give the appearance of being put together, others would not notice my flaws.

I did not comprehend that to accept perfectionism means to elude things of which you are not certain. By playing it safe I avoided new experiences and ultimately missed my opportunity to obtain a nursing degree—something I’ve only dared to dream about, but know I would thoroughly enjoy.

Being diagnosed with ADHD was at first a very negative experience. The initial shock led to tears, but was quickly followed by anger; with the label I felt as if a new target had been placed on my back. The stigma so frequently attached to ADHD echoed in my mind and I became filled with shame.

With the support of a loving family and an inner strength I did not know I possessed, I began to read everything I could find pertaining to the disorder. I came across one specific article published in ADDITUDE Magazine, by Linda Roggli, entitled, 7 Masks We Use to Hide Our Faults. The very first mask outlined was perfectionism. It was as if the author was describing my life to every detail—I was amazed. As I read further I began to learn more about myself than I had previously known. I learned I was not broken, but unneeded masks covered a unique, creative, resourceful and complete individual.

While reading additional material I found many who mentioned ADHD Coaching and I was immediately intrigued. Curiosity led me through actual research, but the passion for what I was learning about myself led me to decide I wanted to become a coach. After spending several months reading, emailing and calling different schools, I found the program that seemed to fit me best. I went after this schooling with an energy I had never felt for myself. I devoured my reading assignments and have learned so many amazing things about my magically different, wired brain.

I have strengths and abilities and they serve me and my circle of influence quite well. My true desire is to help someone else undertake the same wonderful journey of self-awareness.

Understanding ADHD and learning about oneself through its lens is critical, per my tagline—even empowering.

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